Our services

We bring digital transformation to the accountability and legal field by providing our clients with solutions, tailored to the needs and budget of each client, among them:

  • Marketplaces: marketplaces connect lawyers and law firms with clients. Some work as product comparators and others as a way to manage disputes 100% online. This is the most modern way to offer legal services online and where we find the greatest variety of proposals.
  • LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing): new outsourcing proposition has now been configured around technology-based legal services solutions. In some cases, they can function in a similar way to marketplaces for SMEs or freelancers, and for larger companies, the best law firms with the best global reputations are developing their functions on a completely digital basis, with all the benefits that this entails.
  • Digital platforms for legal advice: there are businesses both from the perspective of communication channels between legal advisors and clients and those that work in an automated way only with the intervention of a non-virtual advisor in case the client does not find the answer he/she is looking for with the digital system. There are many types, from those made available to citizens by governments, consumer associations, and trade unions to those aimed specifically at the self-employed or SMEs.
  • Connection with third-party systems and automation: has come to companies in the sector to connect with data management, accountability services, or other companies. As well as to streamline the tasks of legal professionals in their day-to-day with total ease. 
  • Document management and automation of use cases related to documentation:  electronic signature and certified communication solutions have avoided unnecessary travel in millions of processes worldwide, saving time and costs for law firms so that they can devote it to the resolution, planning, analysis, and management of cases. On the other hand, identity verification technologies have made it possible to close transactions of a great legal nature from continents away with the greatest possible legal support and completely remotely.